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    IFuckedHerFinally - Sandra 2
    Автор: YoungMan_03 | 9 марта 2010 | Раздел: XХX » Зарубежное Порно | Просмотров: 456
    IFuckedHerFinally - Sandra 2

    Late at night Sandra was alone, reading her favorite book. She was waiting for her boyfriend Edward, who came absolutely drunk. His waisted body was laying on bed when the other guy came to visit Ed. Sandra said she would be glad to help him, but Edward is drunk as hell. They were chatting, soon visitor felt horny and offered to have fun a little. In the hottest part of their fucking boozed Edward awaken and Sandra sucked his cock while the other one stretched her tight pussy. Everything finished with cumload on her face.

    Формат: wmv
    Продолжительность: 00:31:08
    Видео: 832x468 24 bits 2000 Kbps
    Аудио: 48 KHz stereo 384 Kbps
    Размер файла: 532.6 Mb

    IFuckedHerFinally - Sandra 2

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