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    DominatedGirls - Miho Lechter - An Agent's Work
    Автор: robots111 | 26 августа 2010 | Раздел: XХX | Просмотров: 339
    DominatedGirls - Miho Lechter - An Agent's Work

    Имя актрисы: Miho Lechter
    Название ролика: An Agent's Work
    Жанр: Sex, BDSM
    Дата релиза: 2010
    Продолжительность: 00:39:14

    Miho Lechter was caught while she was spying at the other company's research centre. Now she's being tied up to the ceiling down at a basement far away from the city. Soon an agent comes with a black briefcase and starts his investigation. But the agent has his special ways of getting information: sexual torture! Watch how he enjoys his work on Miho as he threatens her with a lit cigarette, whips her ass and gets his cock sucked and fucks her while she's being kept in bound!

    Качество видео 720p
    Формат видео: WMV
    Видео: Windows Media Video 1280x720 29.97fps 3000 Kbps
    Аудио: Windows Media Audio 2 mono 44.1 KHz 32 kbps
    Размер: 1.27 GB + 5% восстановление

    DominatedGirls - Miho Lechter - An Agent's Work

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