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    ClubSandy - Eliska Cross - Reality Blind Date
    Автор: robots111 | 4 июля 2010 | Раздел: XХX | Просмотров: 617
    ClubSandy - Eliska Cross - Reality Blind Date

    Имя актрисы: Eliska Cross
    Название ролика: Reality Blind Date
    Жанр: All Sex, Anal
    Дата релиза: 2010
    Продолжительность: 00:25.07

    Описание: Here's our new friend Eliska Cross. She's super-sexy, super-hot and and on top of that she's a real sex freak. Her favorite game is blind dating. But not in classical terms. There are no foolish chi-chat and awkward moments with her. If you're the lucky one she will invite you to her house and welcomes you blindfolded ready to fuck! The fact that she doesn't see who fucks her makes her so horny she will let you do anything to her. Check out the evidence on tape here where Frank Gun makes her throat gag and her sexy ass gaped!

    Качество видео 720p
    Формат видео: WMV
    Видео: Windows Media Video 9 720x408 2000 kbps 29.97 fps
    Аудио: Windows Media Audio 2 mono 44.1 KHz 32 kbps
    Размер: 829 MB

    ClubSandy - Eliska Cross - Reality Blind Date

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