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    Club Girls Hardcore 2 (2009) DVDRip
    Автор: YoungMan_03 | 22 сентября 2009 | Раздел: XХX | Просмотров: 461
    Club Girls Hardcore 2 (2009) DVDRip

    Оригинальное название: Club Girls Hardcore 2
    Год выпуска: 2009
    Студия: Viv Thomas
    Жанр: All Sex
    В ролях: Jasmine Rouge, Roxy Rocket, Sera, Nick Lang, Linda Shane, Debbi White

    The girls return in Club Girls Hardcore 2 and they are still as stunning as ever!
    Debbie White and James Brossman make a beautiful couple as they cavort on a king-sized bed. He slowly drives her insane with an expert tongue and probing fingers, before she feasts on his equally king-sized dick! James spears her perfect pussy and cute brown rosebud with his oversized shaft and, once she is on cloud nine, he unleashes a thick wad of warm juice onto his perfect fuck partner!
    Sera is a young, fresh-faced cutie who opens herself up to Nick Lang. She closes her eyes as he gently suckles her small titties and edges his hand between her legs to deflower her soft wet folds. Sera straddles his upright cock, moaning with sheer desire as he plunders her hole!

    Страна: США
    Продолжительность: 01:40:41
    Перевод: отсутствует

    Качество: DVDrip
    Видео: 851 Kbps, 576*432
    Аудио: 121 Kbps, 48000 Hz, 2 канала


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