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    Shyla Stylez (My Back Door Is Always Op) (2008)
    Автор: Гавриил | 13 мая 2008 | Раздел: XХX | Просмотров: 1442
    Shyla Stylez (My Back Door Is Always Op) (2008)

    This is a story of neglect leading to betrayal. Betrayal being getting
    assfucked by the gardner while your husband is at work. Nor could it
    really be seen as betrayal really, seeing as shayla only married her
    husband (who she suspects is a closet homosexual) for his money, you
    know, the old marraige based on lies... She does put an effort to fuck
    her actual husband as you will see in the begining of this film but him
    being the closet homo asshole neglects her once more and runs off to
    work...cant say the girl didnt try..oh well she happens to have two
    perfect candidates waiting for hr ride outside whom would be more than
    willing to give her exactly what she needs... someone to go through her

    Shyla Stylez (My Back Door Is Always Op) (2008)

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    4 сентября 2008 14:07
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    Эх аппетитна бабенка! Стерва на 1000%!
    10 ноября 2008 14:22
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    лучшая порно актрисса прошлого года!

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