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    ABBA - Gold: 40th Anniversary Limited Edition (2014)
    Автор: prefect1 | 11 апреля 2014 | Раздел: Музыка » Зарубежная музыка | Просмотров: 202
    ABBA - Gold: 40th Anniversary Limited Edition (2014)

    Исполнитель: ABBA
    Альбом: Gold: 40th Anniversary Limited Edition
    Жанр: Pop
    Год выпуска: 2014
    Количество треков: 59
    Формат | Качество: mp3 | 320 kbps
    Время звучания: 03:50:39
    Размер: 541.69 Mb

    1. Dancing Queen
    2. Knowing Me, Knowing You
    3. Take A Chance On Me
    4. Mamma Mia
    5. Lay All Your Love On Me
    6. Super Trouper
    7. I Have A Dream
    8. The Winner Takes It All
    9. Money, Money, Money
    10. SOS
    11. Chiquitita
    12. Fernando
    13. Voulez-Vous
    14. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)
    15. Does Your Mother Know
    16. One of Us
    17. The Name of The Game
    18. Thank You For The Music
    19. Waterloo

    1. Summer Night City
    2. Angeleyes
    3. The Day Before You Came
    4. Eagle
    5. I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do
    6. So Long
    7. Honey, Honey
    8. The Visitors
    9. Our Last Summer
    10. On And On And On
    11. Ring Ring
    12. I Wonder (Departure)
    13. Lovelight
    14. Head Over Heels
    15. When I Kissed The Teacher
    16. I Am The City
    17. Cassandra
    18. Under Attack
    19. When All Is Said And Done
    20. The Way Old Friends Do

    1. She’s My Kind Of Girl (B-side to Ring Ring)
    2. I Am Just A Girl (B-side to Love Isn’t Easy (But It Sure Is Hard Enough))
    3. Gonna Sing You My Lovesong (B-side to Waterloo French Version)
    4. King Kong Song (B-side to Honey, Honey)
    5. I’ve Been Waiting For You (B-side to So Long)
    6. Rock Me (B-side To I Do, I Do, I Do)
    7. Man In The Middle (B-side to S.O.S.)
    8. Intermezzo No.1 (B-side to Mamma Mia)
    9. That’s Me (B-side to Dancing Queen)
    10. Crazy World (B-side to Money, Money, Money)
    11. Happy Hawaii (B-side to Knowing Me, Knowing You)
    12. I’m A Marionette (B-side to Take A Chance On Me)
    13. Medley: Pick A Bale of cotton.. etc. (B-side to Summer Night City)
    14. Kisses of Fire (B-side to Does Your Mother Know)
    15. The King Has Lost His Crown (B-side to Gimme Gimme Gimme (A Man After Midnight))
    16. Elaine (B-side to The Winner Takes It All)
    17. The Piper (B-side to Super Trouper)
    18. Andante, Andante (B-side to Happy New Year)
    19. Should I Laugh Or Cry (B-side to One Of Us)
    20. Soldiers (B-side to When All Is Said And Done)

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