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    Phil Kline – Around The World In A Daze (2009) DVD-Audio
    Автор: YoungMan_03 | 15 июня 2011 | Раздел: Музыка » Зарубежная музыка | Просмотров: 414
    Phil Kline – Around The World In A Daze (2009) DVD-Audio

    Исполнитель: Phil Kline
    Название: Around The World In A Daze
    Год выхода: 2009
    Жанр: Electronic, Experimental, Meditation
    Количество треков: 10+3
    Время звучания: n/a
    Формат|Качество: DVD-Audio (MLP 5.1 48kHz/24Bit, DTS 5.1, Dolby AC3 5.1, LPCM 2.0 48kHz/24Bit) + bonus DVD (DTS 5.1, Dolby AC3 5.1, LPCM 2.0 48kHz/16Bit) | lossless
    Размер: ~4.06 Gb + 2.46 Gb

    01. The Housatonic at Henry Street
    For Ives the river of life, running right by my window.
    Electronica and tape orchestra. Field recording: Henry Street at Rutgers, evening in July.

    02. Svarga Yatra
    An uphill climb. It might mean Stairway to Heaven in Sanskrit.
    Performed by Ethel (Todd Reynolds and Mary Rowell, violins, Ralph Farris, viola, Dorothy Lawson, cello) with tape choir.

    03. The Maryland Sample
    A madrigal about love and science, bitterness and bees.
    Performed by Kamala Sankaram (vocals) and Phil Kline (vocals, strings and percussion). Field recording: bug zappers on Nicola Teslas porch

    04. Pennies from Heaven
    The trickle down theory. Everything is falling. Every time it rains it rains.
    Tape orchestra

    05. On the Waterfront
    This is not a recording, but something happening right now in Istanbul.
    06. Luv U 2 Death
    Death hastened by technology. And our love become a funeral pyre.
    Wagner Liebestod

    07. The Wailing Wall
    The pull of the moon. A blind man tries to describe it.
    Vocals by Phil Kline

    08. Grand Etude for the Elevation
    The importance of height: I can see my house from here.
    Violinistics by Todd Reynolds

    09. Prelude
    Departing, the end begins.
    Bach Prelude in B flat minor. Field recording: Tuesday morning, Zurich station.

    10. The Housatonic at Dzanga
    The mystery of red mercury, observed by a million gray parrots.
    Electronica and tape choir. Field recording: the watering hole at Dzanga, Central African Republic (Louis Sarno)

    01. Meditatiom (run as fast as you can) music video by Phil Kline
    02. Interview with John Schaefer
    03. Production Photos

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