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    Modern Talking - Fan Made Best Remixes (2011)
    Автор: butylka2008 | 21 февраля 2011 | Раздел: Музыка | Просмотров: 427
    Modern Talking - Fan Made Best Remixes (2011)

    Исполнитель: Modern Talking
    Название диска: Fan Made Best Remixes
    Жанр: Pop
    Год выпуска: 2011
    Размер: 927.24 Mb
    Треки: 128
    Формат/Битрейт: mp3|128-320 kbps/44,1kHz /Stereo

    The First Album 2011
    01-You're My Heart, You're My Soul (DJ Stanly F Mix 2010).MP3
    02-You Can Win If You Want (Tronton Remix 2009).MP3
    03-There's Too Much Blue In Missing You (Groove Version 2001).MP3
    04-Diamonds Never Made A Lady (Eurodance Version 2001).MP3
    05-The Night Is Yours - The Night Is Mine (DJ Eurodisco Album 2010 Version).MP3
    06-Do You Wanna (DJ Eurodisco 7'' Version 2010).MP3
    07-Lucky Guy (DJ 650604 New Version).MP3
    08-One In A Million (DJS Dance Radio Winter Remix 2009).MP3
    09-Bells Of Paris (Hardcore Version 2001).MP3

    Let's talk About Love 2011
    01 - Cheri Cheri Lady (DJ Vengerov full HD Remix).MP3
    02 - With A Little Love (starky ziv barber radio remix).MP3
    03 - Wild Water (DJ NTSC 28 Disco Maxi Remix).MP3
    04 - You're The Lady Of My Heart (Aste Dance Version).MP3
    05 - Just Like An Angel (Go To Heaven Mix).MP3
    06 - Heaven Will Know (Bass Up Edit).MP3
    07 - Love Don't Leave Here Anymore (Progressive HardCore Remix).MP3
    08 - Why Did You Do It Just Tonight (Fun Mix).MP3
    09 - Don`t Give Up (DJ Maloy Remix).MP3
    10 - Let's Talk About Love (Starky Remix).MP3

    Ready For Romance 2011
    01-Brother Louie (Viva Disco Remix 2009).MP3
    02-Just We Two (Strongest Punch EAC Mix).MP3
    03-Lady Lai (DJ Avodlom Remix 2009).MP3
    04-Doctor For My Heart (Remix by Maxitune 2005).MP3
    05-Save Me - Don't Break Me (Eurodisco Mix 2009).MP3
    06-Atlantis Is Calling (Double Mix by Essue).MP3
    07-Keep Love Alive (Long Vocal Version 2010).MP3
    08-Hey You (Blackened Easy Dance 2004).MP3
    09-Angie's Heart (Extended Remix 2007).MP3
    10-Only Love Can Break My Heart (Remix 2009).MP3

    In The Middle Of Nowhere 2011

    01-Geronimo's Cadillac (New Version by DJ Maloy 2010).MP3
    02-Riding On A White Swan (DJ Maxitune New Version 2005).MP3
    03-Give Me Peace On Earth (DJS Earth Remix 2004).MP3
    04-Sweet Little Sheila (DJ Chris Extended Mix 2007).MP3
    05-Ten Thouthand Lonely Drums (Swiss Boys Rap Version).MP3
    06-Lonely Tears In Chinatown (Eurodisco Extended Mix 2009).MP3
    07-In Shaire (DJ Maxitune New 2005 Version).MP3
    08-Stranded In The Middle Of Nowhere (Starky Extended Beat Mix).MP3
    09-Angels Sing In New York City (Usa Remix 2001).MP3
    10-Princess Of The Night (Blackened Rock Version 2004).MP3

    Romantic Warriors 2011
    01-Jet Airliner (Starky Other Long Mix).MP3
    02-Like A Hero (Sentimental Dance Mix'2000 By Nando).MP3
    03-Don't Worry (Opp22 Mix).MP3
    04-Romantic Warriors (DJ RavL Survivor Edit 2002).MP3
    05-Arabian Gold (ValAlex Remix Alekszg Re-Edit 2010).MP3
    06-Operator Gimme 609 (Sova Remix 2006).MP3
    07-You And Me (Aste YCF08 Remix 2005).MP3
    08-Charlene (Eurodisco Light Remix 2010).MP3

    In The Garden Of Venus 2011

    01-In 100 Years (The 80's Beat Mix Remix Maxitune).MP3
    02-Who Will Save The World (Maxitune Remix 2004).MP3
    03-A Telegram To Your Heart '2010 (New Radio Version By DJ Modern Max).MP3
    04-It's Christmas (Special Dance Remix Modified By Sova).MP3
    05-Don't Lose My Number Girl (DiFox73Mix).MP3
    06-Slow Motion (Blackened 2004 Mix).MP3
    07-Locomotion Tango (Mix by JayS).MP3
    08-Good Girls Go To Heaven (Sage RMX '2007).MP3
    09-In 100 Years (Maxitune Remix).MP3

    Back For Good 2011
    01-You're My Heart, You're My Soul (ValAleX22 Remix).MP3
    02-Brother Louie (DJ Talia Remix '2007).MP3
    03-Cheri, Cheri Lady (Rio-Io Super Mix 2008).wma
    04-You Can Win If You Want (EAC Thunder-Hop Mix '98).MP3
    05-Atlantis Is Calling (DJ Orken Radio Version 2009).MP3
    06-Geronimo's Cadillac (Marc Lindberg Club Mix 2005).MP3
    07-Give Me Peace On Earth (Apollo's Eternal Hope Remix 2006).MP3
    08-We Take The Chance (Starky Extended Mix).MP3
    09-Jet Airliner (2002 Album Drum Mix).MP3
    10-Lady Lai (Swiss Boys Mix).MP3
    11-In 100 Years (99 Space Out Version).MP3
    12-Angie's Heart (Electro Remix 2007).MP3
    13-Medley (Maxitune Mix).MP3

    Alone 2011
    01-You Are Not Alone (CBS Project Remix 2009).MP3
    02-Sexy Sexy Lover 2006 (DJ Slice Club Remix).MP3
    03-I Can't Give You More (Aste Maxi Edit).MP3
    04-Don’t Let Me Go (Starky Extended Mix).MP3
    05-Rouge Et Noir (80's Mix by Adamst).MP3
    06-Can't Get Enough (DJ Pakis Mix).MP3
    07-Love Is Like A Raimbow (Sky Mix).MP3
    08-How You Mend A Broken Heart (80's Mix Beta).MP3
    09-It Hurst So Good (DJ Pakis Mix).MP3
    10-I'll Never Give You Up (DJ Pakis Mix).MP3
    11-Don't Let Me Go (DJ Pakis Mix).MP3
    12-Taxi Girl (Crazy Taxi Mix).MP3
    13-Megamix (by Project Revenge).MP3

    Year Of The Dragon 2011
    01-China In Her Eyes (Sova Mix 2006).MP3
    02-Don't Take Away My Heart (Away Remix).MP3
    03-Cosmic Girl (Starky Space Extended Mix).MP3
    04-After Your Love Is Gone (Delusional Drunk Mix).MP3
    05-My Lonely Girl (DJ HiNRG Remix).MP3
    06-No Face No Name No Number (DJ Stanislav Remix).MP3
    07-Part Time Lover (DJ Master Traxx Longer Extended Maxi Mix).MP3
    08-Avec Toi (Sova Mix).MP3
    09-Time Is On My Side (Modulated Loop Mix).MP3
    10-I'm Not Guilty (Karaoke By Apollo555).MP3
    11-Walking In The Rain Of Paris (DJ Mix 2000).MP3
    12-Fly To The Moon (Mars Mix).MP3

    America 2011
    01 Modern Talking - Win The Race (Amadeus Baxxter Mix by DJ The Frog).MP3
    02 Modern Talking - Last Exit To Brooklyn (Club remix DJ Moderator ).MP3
    03 Modern Talking - Maria (Starky Radio Rain Mix).MP3
    04 Modern Talking - SMS To My Heart (Kevin June Remix).MP3
    05 Modern Talking - Cinderella Girl (Sova Mix 2002).MP3
    06 Modern Talking - Why Does It Feel So Good (80's Remix).MP3
    07 Modern Talking - Witchqueen Of Eldorado (DJ Малой Dance Mix).MP3
    08 Modern Talking - America (Starky Call Mix).MP3
    09 Modern Talking - For A Lifetime (Oliver Leadline 100 BPM Edit).MP3
    10 Modern Talking - From Coast To Coast (Starky Dolphin Mix).MP3
    11 Modern Talking - I Need You Now (DJ Pakis Mix).MP3
    12 Modern Talking - New York City Girl (Long City Mix).MP3
    13 Modern Talking - Send Me A Letter From Heaven (Oliver Leadline Disco Stomp Edit).MP3

    Victory 2011
    01-Ready For The Victory (Sova Version).MP3
    02-I'm Gonna Be Strong (Max Remix by FanThomas).MP3
    03-Juliet (DJ 650604 Mix).MP3
    04-Higher Than Heaven (Ravel Extended Mix).MP3
    05-When The Sky Rained Fire (HP 2009 Power Mix).MP3
    06-Summer In December (Ravel vs Rene Hatersson Mad Edit).MP3
    07-Ten Seconds To Countdown (Ravel First Lap Mix).MP3
    08-We Are Children Of The World (DJ Beltz Maxi Edit).MP3
    09-Mrs. Robota (Golden Remix - Final Edit 2006).MP3
    10-If I... (Oliver Leadline Extended Mix).MP3
    11-Who Will Love You Like I Do (Remix by DJKC 2009).MP3

    Univerce 2011
    01-TV Makes The Superstar (80's Mix 2007).MP3
    02-I'm Not Rockefeller (Pyrenees Mix 2005).MP3
    03-Mystery (Danse Version Remix DJ Moderator).MP3
    04-Everybody Need Somebody (Starky Dance Party Mix).MP3
    05-Who Will Be There (Extended by FanThomas).MP3
    06-Should I. Would I, Could I (80's Remix).MP3
    07-Life Is To Short (Not Short Extended by FanThomas).MP3
    08-Nothing But The Truth (DJ Beltz Radio Cut).MP3
    09-Superstar (BPM Mix).MP3
    Bonus - Shooting Star (Starky Long Beat Mix).MP3

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