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    TracklistPack 19.010.2011
    Автор: YoungMan_03 | 27 января 2011 | Раздел: Музыка | Просмотров: 165
    TracklistPack 19.010.2011

    Исполнитель: Сборник (VA)
    Альбом: TracklistPack 19.010.2011
    Год выпуска: 2011
    Жанр: R&B
    Количество композиций: 62
    Время звучания: 241 min
    Формат | Качество: MP3 | 44 kHz, 320 kbps
    Размер: 339,98 mb


    1.ATL - My Little Pretty Girl (Prod. By Songbook) [Mid RnB] 10/10
    2.Britney Spears ft. Flo Rida - Hold It Against Me (Final) [Fast RnB] 10/10
    3.Brutha - Love Must Carry On [Mid RnB] 9/10
    4.Bryan Jackson - Her (Prod. By Tricky Stewart) [Slow-Mid RnB] 9.5/10
    5.Chris Holloway - Monies In The Bag [Fast RnB] 9/10
    6.D.Brown - Stole A Piece of My Heart (Prod. By M-Status)(FULL) [Mid RnB] 10/10
    7.Diddy ft. Ludacris - Tomorrow Tonite (Prod. By The Runners)(Other Version) [Club] 11/10
    8.Ellis One - Can We Go Back (FULL) [Fast RnB] 9/10
    9.J. Rice - Do You Believe Me Now [Mid RnB] 9.5/10
    10.J. Rice - Grenade [Mid RnB] 9/10
    11.J. Rice ft. David Sid - Never Let You Go [Slow-Mid RnB] 10/10
    12.J. Valentine - I Luv My Baby Mama [Mid RnB] 9/10
    13.Jojo - Paper Airplanes (Prod. By Stargate)(FULL) [Mid RnB] 10/10
    14.Lloyd - Money On Me (Snippet) [Mid-Fast RnB] 9.5/10
    15.Maria Zouroudis - In My Head (Jason Derulo Cover) [Fast RnB] 8.5/10
    16.Marlon Coles - This Is Me (Day26 Demo) [Mid RnB] 8.5/10
    17.Mishon - Dance With You (FULL) [Mid RnB] 10/10
    18.Nawlage ft Rick Ross - Let Me Do Me [Fast RnB] 9.5/10
    19.Prince Charles - Gladiator [Fast RnB] 9/10
    20.Rantz Davis - Nobody [Mid RnB] 9/10
    21.Rantz Davis ft. Alania - Everything [Mid RnB] 8.5/10
    22.Rob (of One Chance) - Freak A Zoid (Prod. by Pretty Boi Fresh) [Mid RnB] 9.5/10
    23.Sterling ft. Rock City - Stuck In Traffic (Prod. By Maddsientist) [Mid RnB] 10/10
    24.Yung Wiz ft. Mario Devon - Won?t Stop (NoShout) [Fast] 8.5/10
    25.Aiyon - Can We Go Back (Prod. by A-Soul) [Mid-Fast RnB] 9.5/10
    26.Charlie Bee ft. Bdawt Roxxs - Young Fly Flashy [Mid-Fast RnB] 8/10
    27.Charlie Bee ft. Trey Songz & Drake - She Just Wanna Dance [Fast RnB] 8.5/10
    28.Davion Farris (of Woodworks) - Afraid Of Love [Mid RnB] 10/10
    29.Hendersin ft. Collin McLoughlin - Watch Me Now (CDQ) [Mid] 8/10
    30.J. Rice ft. Conor Maynard - Angel [Mid RnB] 10/10
    31.J Warner - Insomnia (Prod. By Ring Official) [Mid-Fast RnB] 9.5/10
    32.Jackie Boyz - Getcha Number [Mid RnB] 10/10
    33.Jason Ray - League of Hero (Prod. by Nathan Thanner) (FULL + NoShout) [Mid RnB] 9/10
    34.Jennifer Lopez ft. Pitbull - On The Floor (Prod. by RedOne) (Final) [RnB|Club] 11/10
    35.Lee Carr - Searching [Mid RnB] 9.5/10
    36.Loick Essien ft. Chipmunk - Get It Tonight (Prod. by Rock City) [Fast RnB] 9.5/10
    37.M-Bass - Shortie Wanna Get With Me [Mid RnB] 9.5/10
    38.Moni ft Jay-L - So Sexy [Mid RnB] 8.5/10
    39.Mya - Fabulous Life (Prod. by Jeff Miyahara) [Mid-Fast RnB] 9/10
    40.Nexx Chapter - You Already Had Me (Prod. By Ansane) [Mid RnB] 9.5/10
    41.Omarion - Come And F With Me (Snippet) [Slow-Mid RnB] 10/10
    42.Prince Charles - Gladiator (Jaylien2010) (NoShout) [Mid-Fast RnB] 9.5/10
    43.Qwote - Get Low (Prod. By Studio Monkeyz)(Snippet) [Mid-Fast RnB] 9/10
    44.Raden ft. ZmaLone - I Die (Prod. By ZmaLone) [Fast] 8.5/10
    45.Rihanna ft. J. Cole - S&M (Remix) [Fast RnB|Club] 11/10
    46.Sean Paul - We Party (Unreleased Version) [Fast] 9.5/10
    47.Sem - Do U Wanna (Donell Jones Cover) [Mid RnB] 10/10
    48.Sem - Grenade (Bruno Mars Cover) [Slow RnB] 11/10
    49.Sem - Lay You Down (Usher Cover) [Slow RnB] 11/10
    50.Sem - Sex Therapy (Robin Thicke Cover) [Mid RnB] 9.5/10
    51.Sem - What If (Jason Derulo Cover) [Mid RnB] 10/10
    52.Sem ft. David Sides - Lay In My Bed [Slow RnB] 11/10
    53.Tay West - Cant Be Ya Man [Mid RnB] 8.5/10
    54.TC - Cinderella (Prod. by Jaylien)(FULL + NoShout) [Fast RnB] 9.5/10
    55.The Connect - Spend It Up (Prod. by Hot Track)(Snippet) [Fast RnB] 9/10
    56.Tiffany Dunn - 2 Bad I Luv You (Prod. by Darkchild) [Fast RnB] 9/10
    57.Tiffany Dunn - Love Me Long Time (Prod. by Darkchild) [Fast RnB] 8.5/10
    58.Tisha Taylor - Radio [Mid RnB] 10/10
    59.T-Pain - Truth Hurts (Prod. By Timbaland)(Snippet) [Mid RnB] 11/10
    60.Tre The RnB Kidd - Up & Down (Prod. By Young Bishop) [Mid RnB] 9/10
    61.Trey Songz - Cant Help But Wait (Gino One Remix) [Mid RnB] 9.5/10
    62.Xclsv - You Got Me Falling (JLS Demo) [Mid RnB] 9/10

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