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    Smokie - Greatest Hits (2CD/ 2008)
    Автор: butylka2008 | 7 марта 2010 | Раздел: Музыка | Просмотров: 463
      Smokie - Greatest Hits (2CD/ 2008)

    Тип: альбом
    Категория: Rock
    Дата выхода:2008
    Количество композиций:45
    Качество треков:1024Kbps|44.0kHz
    Время звучания:CD1 01:19:55|CD2 01:18:45
    Размер файла:1.19 Gb

    В альбоме:
    1. Living Next Door To Alice
    2. I'll Meet You At Midnight
    3. Something's Been Making Me Blue
    4. Don't Play Your Rock 'N' Roll To Me
    5. Stumblin' In
    6. What Can I Do
    7. Needles And Pins
    8. Lay Back In The Arms Of Someone
    9. If You Think You Know How To Love Me
    10. Oh Carol
    11. Mexican Girl
    12. For A Few Dollars More
    13. Changing All The Time
    14. I Can't Stay Here Tonight
    15. It's Your Life
    16. Wild Wild Angels
    17. Baby It's You
    18. Poor Lady (Midnight Baby)
    19. The Coldest Night
    20. Talking Her Round
    21. Now You Think You Know
    22. When My Back Was Against The Wall
    1. Who The F--k is Aliceї
    2. Take Good Care Of My Baby
    3. Stranger
    4. Belinda
    5. In The Heat Of The Night
    6. Bang Bang
    7. The Dancer
    8. Back To Bradford
    9. Petesey's Song
    10. Miss You
    11. We're Flyin' High
    12. Daydreamin'
    13. Here Lies A Man
    14. Power Of Love
    15. I Do Declare
    16. Goin' Tomorrow
    17. Pass It Around
    18. The Girl Can't Help It
    19. Little Lucy
    20. Sunshine Avenue
    21. Liverpool Docks
    22. Strangers in Paradise
    23. I Can't Stop Lovin You

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