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    Дискотека в стили Modern Talking vol. 2 (2009)
    Автор: butylka2008 | 27 ноября 2009 | Раздел: Музыка | Просмотров: 808
    Дискотека в стили Modern Talking vol. 2 (2009)

    Исполнитель: VA
    Название диска: Дискотека в стили Modern Talking vol. 2
    Жанр: Pop
    Год выпуска: 2009
    Размер: 700 MB
    Треки: 190
    Формат/Битрейт: mp3|128Kb/s

    001.Thomas Anders feat. Sandra - The Night is Still Young (Casa Sylt Mix).
    002.Eddy Huntington - Love For Russia (Ruble Version).
    003.Cliff Wedge - Angel Eyes (Extended).
    004.Bad Boys Blue - Queen Of My Dreams 2009 (New Extended Mix).
    005.Modern Talking - You're My Heart You're My Soul (Extended Remix 2009).
    006.Gummy Bear - Nuki Nuki.
    007.Fresh Fox - Life Was Made For Me (Maxi Fox Mix).
    008.Moving Heroes - Crazy (Radio Edit).
    009.Alcazar - Ritmo Del Amour.
    010.Inna - Deja-Vu.
    011.Boney M. - Felicidad America Obama - Oba.
    012.DJ Happy Vibes feat. Jazzmin - Sunshine.
    013.Pet Shop Boys - Vulnerable.
    014.Akcent - True Beliver.
    015.Cliff Wedge - Dance Into The Night.
    016.Blue System - 48 Hours.
    017.Neo - Shadow Dancer.
    018.Alcazar - This Is The World We Live In.
    019.Gummy Bear - Boogie Woogie Dancin' Shoes.
    020.Young Fire - Losing My Way.
    021.Inna - Don't Let The Music Die.
    022.Play & Win - Goodbye Blue Sky.
    023.RuPaul - Let's Turn the Night.
    024.Systems In Blue - Gambler (Remastered 2009 Version).
    025.Modern Talking - Brother Louie 2009 (Adamst Remix).
    026.Bad Boys Blue - Come Back And Stay.
    027.Cliff Wedge - Give Me Your Love.
    028.Pet Shop Boys - Legacy.
    029.Blue System - Love Me On The Rocks.
    030.DJ Happy Vibes feat. Jazzmin - Japanese Boy.
    031.Sandra - Always On My Mind.
    032.Akcent - Next To Me.
    033.Neo - Wonderful Place.
    034.Alcazar - Baby.
    035.Gummy Bear - Dancin Dancin's What I Need.
    036.Young Fire - Fala Comigo (Talk to Me).
    037.Cliff Wedge - Play Another Game.
    038.RuPaul - Destiny Is Mine.
    039.Danny - Emely.
    040.Samantha Fox - Midnight Lover (Folk Dance Mix).
    041.Inna - Love (Radio Version).
    042.Blue System - History (Album Version).
    043.Pet Shop Boys - All Over The World.
    044.Systems In Blue - Point Of No Return (Ms Project Full Intention Rmx).
    045.RuPaul - Champion.
    046.Alcazar - Physical.
    047.Cliff Wedge - By Surprise.
    048.DJ Happy Vibes feat. Jazzmin - Ding Dong Song.
    049.Bad Boys Blue - Kisses And Tears (My One And Only).
    050.Modern Talking - Cheri Cheri Lady 2009 (Adamst Remix).
    051.Akcent - Delight.
    052.Neo - Bachelor.
    053.Sandra - Behind Those Words.
    054.Danny - Running Away.
    055.Gummy Bear - I Lalalalalove You Raverbear.
    056.Young Fire - A Shattered Heart.
    057.Blue System - Sorry Little Sarah.
    058.Pet Shop Boys - Did You See Me Coming.
    059.Cliff Wedge - I Want You To Know.
    060.Alcazar - Funkytown.
    061.RuPaul - Tranny Chaser.
    062.RuPaul - LadyBoy.
    063.Systems In Blue - Shangri-La (Remastered 2009 Version).
    064.Danny - Tokyo.
    065.Young Fire - Ojos Del Amor (Eyes of Love).
    066.DJ Happy Vibes feat. Jazzmin - Retro Vibration.
    067.Gummy Bear - Disc Mack.
    068.Akcent - I Turn Around The World.
    069.Blue System - Under My Skin (Radio Version).
    070.Bad Boys Blue - Gimme Gimme Your Lovin'.
    071.Cliff Wedge - Call My Name.
    072.Neo - Play The Song.
    073.Sandra - Redis Moi.
    074.Pet Shop Boys - We're All Criminals Now.
    075.Alcazar - Burning.
    076.RuPaul & Lady Bunny - Throw Ya Hands Up.
    077.Samantha Fox - Breathe.
    078.Danny - Unite This Heart.
    079.Inna - On & On.
    080.Young Fire - Lady Blue.
    081.Blue System - Everything I Own.
    082.Cliff Wedge - Finally (Cliff Wedge & La Ville Extended Edit).
    083.Gummy Bear - Boom Bing Bing.
    084.DJ Happy Vibes feat. Jazzmin - Point of no return.
    085.Neo - Don't You Worry.
    086.Akcent - Stay With Me.
    087.Pet Shop Boys - Beautiful People.
    088.RuPaul - Devil Made Me Do It.
    089.Alcazar - Start The Fire.
    090.Systems In Blue - 1001 Nights (C.C.F. Party Mix).
    091.Sandra - These Moments.
    092.Bad Boys Blue - A World Without You (Michelle).
    093.Danny - If Only You.
    094.Blue System - 6 Years - 6 Nights.
    095.Young Fire - Angelo Mio (My Angel).
    096.Inna feat. Play & Win - Nights & Day.
    097.Samantha Fox - Angel With An Attitude (Extended Mix).
    098.Gummy Bear - Jaj De Szep A Popom.
    099.Cliff Wedge - Angel Eyes (Italo Mix).
    100.Modern Talking - Down On My Knees.
    101.Eddy Huntington - Love For Russia (Kopeck Version).
    102.DJ Happy Vibes feat. Jazzmin - Just for Freedom.
    103.Pet Shop Boys - More Than A Dream.
    104.Akcent - Lovers Cry.
    105.Neo - Stars Are Calling.
    106.Alcazar - We Keep On Rockin'.
    107.Blue System - Big Boys Don't Cry (Long Version).
    108.RuPaul - Cover Girl.
    109.Systems In Blue - Magic Mystery (Extended Remix).
    110.Cliff Wedge feat. Vasso - Never Gonna Give You Up (Modern Mix).
    111.Sandra - In A Heartbeat.
    112.Young Fire - Lonely.
    113.Danny - Radio.
    114.Bad Boys Blue - Kiss You All Over, Baby.
    115.Gummy Bear - Jump Jump.
    116.Blue System - Romeo & Juliet (Single Version).
    117.Pet Shop Boys - King Of Rome.
    118.Neo - Flower Power Supergirl.
    119.RuPaul - Jealous of My Boogie.
    120.DJ Happy Vibes feat. Jazzmin - Wake up.
    121.Cliff Wedge - Lonely Days.
    122.Sandra - Just Like Breathing.
    123.Akcent - Happy People, Happy Faces.
    124.Alcazar - Crying At The Discoteque.
    125.Play & Win - Slow Motion.
    126.Modern Talking - Only Love Can Break My Heart (Remix 2009).
    127.Young Fire - Ill Be Back On My Feet Again.
    128.Systems In Blue - Winner (Dj Moraz Long Version).
    129.Alcazar - Sexual Garantee.
    130.Gummy Bear - Great Summer.
    131.Sandra - Say Love.
    132.Cliff Wedge - Go Go Yellow Screen (Extended).
    133.Danny - Set Your Body Free.
    134.Pet Shop Boys - Building A Wall.
    135.Blue System - Magic Symphony.
    136.RuPaul - Never Go Home Again.
    137.Bad Boys Blue - Pretty Young Girl.
    138.Neo - Born To This World.
    139.DJ Happy Vibes feat. Jazzmin - Maid of Orleans (Happy Vibes Extended Mix).
    140.Akcent - Run Away.
    141.Young Fire - Dites-Moi Pourquoi (Tell Me Why).
    142.Daniel Schuhmacher - Emily.
    143.Danny - Need To Know.
    144.Cliff Wedge - Don't Say Goodbye.
    145.Systems In Blue - Dr. No (Extended Version).
    146.RuPaul - Theme from Drag Race.
    147.Blue System - My Bed Is Too Big.
    148.Alcazar - Shine On.
    149.Pet Shop Boys - Pandemonium.
    150.Gummy Bear - Call Me Call You.
    151.Sandra - What If.
    152.Neo - Won't Surrender.
    153.Samantha Fox - Touch Me (New Mix).
    154.Cliff Wedge - Down Down (Extended).
    155.Young Fire - The Power of Love (Radio Mix).
    156.DJ Happy Vibes feat. Jazzmin - Quando Quando.
    157.Akcent - That's My Name.
    158.Bad Boys Blue - You're A Woman.
    159.Blue System - Love Me More (Maxi Version).
    160.Inna - Fever.
    161.Alcazar - Stay The Night.
    162.Danny - Schizophrenia.
    163.Pet Shop Boys - Love Etc..
    164.Systems In Blue - Heaven & Hell (Remastered 2009 Version).
    165.Inna - Fly.
    166.Morris - Lost.
    167.Mark Medlock - Que Sera.
    168.Anna Lesko - Balalaika (Radio Edit).
    169.Patty Ryan Feat. Systems In Blue - One Summernight In Moscow.
    170.Inna - Left Right (Extended Mix).
    171.Heatclub - Blue (Da Ba Dee).
    172.DJ Happy Vibes feat. Jazzmin - Summertime (Radio Mix).
    173.Mark Ashley Feat. Systems In Blue - Give A Little Sweet Love.
    174.Mark Medlock - Second Chance.
    175.Deep & White - Definition Of Love.
    176.Neo - Silver Lining.
    177.Fantasy Project - That's The Life.
    178.Katerine - Ayo Technology.
    179.Daniel Schuhmacher - Sweet Dreams.
    180.Inna feat. Play & Win - Hot.
    181.Danny - Turn Off The Sound.
    182.Sandra - Tete A Tete.
    183.Mark Medlock - Mamacita.
    184.Systems In Blue - Shadows Of Love (Kevin Taschler Aka Blackened Rmx).
    185.RuPaul - Main Event.
    186.Blue System - Laila (Airplay-Mix).
    187.Akcent feat. Alexa - Lacrimi.
    188.Pet Shop Boys - The Way It Used To Be.
    189.Cliff Wedge Feat. Vasso - Angel Eyes.
    190.BONUS Thomas Anders - Good Karma (Promo).

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