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    Дискотека 80-х в современной обработке (2008)
    Автор: YoungMan_03 | 10 мая 2009 | Раздел: Музыка | Просмотров: 581
    Дискотека 80-х в современной обработке (2008)

    Жанр: Поп
    Формат: MP3
    Качество: 128 - 160 кбит/С
    Размер: 662 мб

    001. Untouchable 3. That Once In A Lifetime
    002. Sandra. Around my heat (DJ Sveshnikov remix)
    003. C.C.Catch. Back seat of your Cadillac (Benny Benassi mix)
    004. Bad Boys Blue. Pretty young girl
    005. Euro & Status Quo. In the army now
    006. Infernal. Self Control (radio edit)
    007. Monster DJ's. Joe Dassin (Radio Edit)
    008. Silent Circle. Touch in the night (light explosion retro mix)
    009. Vanguarde. Gimme gimme gimme (Abba)
    010. Dschinghiz Khan. Moskau
    011. Boney M. Sunny (remix)
    012. DJ Aligator feat. Mr.President. From Paris to Berlin
    013. F.R.David. Words (remix)
    014. Desireless. Voyage
    015. E-Rotic. D.I.S.C.O. (lust for life)
    016. Scotch vs. Disco DJs. Disco band
    017. People of K. feat. Crystal. Last Train to Trancentral (Klass 66 radio еdit)
    018. Sabrina. Angel boy (Extended mix)
    019. 4 Clubbers. Someday
    020. Savage. Don't you want me baby
    021. Vinylshakerz. One night in Bangkok (Vinylshakerz screen cut)
    022. Royal Gigolos. Self control (D.o.n.s. remix)
    023. Ottawan. Hands up (remix)
    024. Mark'oh. Stuck on you
    025. Floorfilla. Game over
    026. DR. Alban. Look who's talking (movie theme)
    027. Benny B. vs. Opus. Life is life
    028. A-Teens. One night in Bangkok (Murray Head)
    029. Romazz. Tonight
    030. Abbacadabra. Take a chance on me (almighty radio edit)
    031. Gazebo. Masterpiece
    032. Icehouse. Lay all your hands on me
    033. Nightflyer. Voyage voyage (Desireless)
    034. London Boys. Love train
    035. Thomas. She has the way
    036. Diva. The sun is always shines on TV (remix)
    037. Full Frontal. You think it's over
    038. Leevee. Hands up (Ottawan)
    039. Joe Dassin. A toi (no Craft pop mix)
    040. Murphy Brown. Axel F (Harold Faltermeyer)
    041. Shot. Disco beat
    042. Radiorama. Aliens
    043. Supertramp. Love machine
    044. Vaya Con Dios feat. Jakie Moore. Nah neh nah
    045. Afric Simon. Hafanana
    046. Bombman vs. Boney M.. Ra-ra-rasputin
    047. Candy Warhol. You came (Kim Wylde)
    048. Future Brain vs. Alphaville. Big in Japan (house remix)
    049. Double u boys. Around my dream
    050. DJ Cavarra s Pizza Expres. Amada Mia Amore Mio
    051. K.K. Project. Don't you want me baby
    052. Mike Mareen. Love spy (freaky club style mix)
    053. Soda Club. Take my breath away (Berlin)
    054. Rick Astley. Till then
    055. Radford. Oh, susie
    056. Joy. Felicidad
    057. DJ Cosmo. The lovesong
    058. Phats & Small. Sweet Dreams
    059. Bad Boys Blue. I'll be good
    060. C.C.Catch. Shake your head
    061. Loft. Summer summer
    062. Silent Circle. 1 More night
    063. Modern Talking. You're my heart you're my soul (new remix)
    064. The Samoa Park vs. Murray Head. One night in Bangcock
    065. W.R.. Life is life (Opus)
    066. An Active Trip. Flash in the night
    067. Baccara. Cara mia
    068. DJ Bobo and Sandra. Secrets of Love
    069. Jody Bernal. Dance dance dance
    070. Chrystal Waters. Gypsy woman
    071. Gloria Gaynor. I will survive (Layton and Stone rmx.)
    072. 89ers. Words (Rave mix)
    073. Macca and Jacca vs. McCartney. Say say say
    074. Snap!. Oops up (new version)
    075. U96. Das boot
    076. Stargo. Life is life (Opus)
    077. New Baccara. Fantasy boy
    078. Pappers. Do you really need me
    079. Hollywood Boulevard. Japanese boys (new version)
    080. Ken Lazslo. Tonight (new remix)
    081. Lee R. Tarzan boy
    082. Gunther feat. Samantha Fox. Touch me (DJ Alligator mix)
    083. C.C.Catch. Anniversary megamix (extended)
    084. Deja Vu vs. No Doubt. Don't speak
    085. Fancy. Wait by the radio
    086. Modern Clubbing. Cheri cheri lady (Modern Talking)
    087. Sandra. Maria Magdalena
    088. Bad Boys Blue. World without you
    089. Freddie Mercury. Love Kills (Sunshine People radio edit)
    090. Heavy D. Now what we've found (love)
    091. Mike Mareen. Lady extasy
    092. Star Mind. Japanese Boy
    093. Special D. Home alone
    094. Vinylshakerz. Daddy cool
    095. Technotronic. Pump it up
    096. Rick Astley. Sleeping
    097. Phunk Investigation vs. Simply Red. Fake
    098. Modern Talking. You can win if you want (pap remix)
    099. Secret Tunes. House of rising sun (Animals)
    100. Hot Ice. Lambada
    101. First Love. Self control (Disco People)
    102. DJ Sammy. California dreamin' (Beach Boys)
    103. Captain Jack. Viva la idea
    104. Blackbox. Everyday
    105. Aurora feat. Lizzy Pattinson. Summer Son
    106. Go Disco. Angie
    107. Icehouse. Hey little girl (wherever you go)
    108. Tom Noize. Wonderful life (Black)
    109. Radiorama. Yeti (rap mix)
    110. DJK. I like chopin
    111. Abbacadabra. The winner takes it all
    112. Disco Queen. Let's all chant
    113. Fancy. Slice me nice (remix)
    114. Pupo. Lo devo solo a te (ural dance mix)
    115. Rob Mayth. Barbie Girl (Candy Boyz vs. Klubbstylerz remix)
    116. Silent Circle. Tell me why
    117. Vanguarde. Mama mia
    118. West End Girls. Its A Sin
    119. One Nation. Your woman
    120. MC Miker & DJ Sven. Holiday rap
    121. L. Ross. Fantasy
    122. Soundcops vs. Gloria Gaynor. I will survive
    123. P. Ryan. You're me love
    124. Boogie Pimps. Sunny (Boney M)
    125. Gazebo. Tears For Galileo (Dancefloor radio)
    126. DJ Smash. Abba
    127. Sabrina. Boys
    128. Ricchi E Poveri & LoredanaBerte. Sara
    129. Velvet Club. She loves you
    130. Sportiello. Don't cry tonight
    131. James Corner. When you got it
    132. Basic element. This must be a dream (Punkstar remix 132 bpm)
    133. Disco Temperer. Get up
    134. Miki Dinn. Meteor man
    135. Koto. Machoman's back
    136. Antibazz vs Dee Melange. Wonderful Life (Deep Melange club mix)
    137. Joy. Touch by touch
    138. DJ Scotty. (I just) Died in your arms tonight (Cutting Crew)
    139. Soul Breakers. Jumping Jack
    140. Renegade Masters. Disco fans
    141. Overdub. Funky town
    142. Sugar Ray. Abra-abracadabra
    143. Voyage Now. Manergy (remix)
    144. LMC vs. New Radicals. Don't let go
    145. Modern Talking. Brother Louie (DJ Moraz radio mix)
    146. Haddaway. What is love
    147. Discomaniacs. Rock the disco (remix)
    148. Fancy ft. Sabrina. Flames of love
    149. Full Gainer. Vamos a la playa (techno remix)
    150. Italian Graffiti. Balla
    151. Three-o. Mamma maria
    152. Silent Circle. Every move every touch
    153. Royal Gigolos. Tell it to My Heart
    154. Sandra. In the heat of the night
    155. Mona and Liza vs. Baccara. Yes, sir, I can boogie
    156. Goodfellow. Happy children
    157. DJ Dave. The gangsta's paradise
    158. Killa Deejays. Freed From Desire
    159. E-Rotic. Sexual healing
    160. Dizzy deejays. Think about the way (Dizzy deejays vs. Little rascals remix)
    161. Dead Or Alive. Spin me around
    162. Captain Hollywood. Axel F. (new remix)
    163. Blockhouse. Grey day
    164. Napoli. Balla
    165. Sinkee Minx. Carelles Whisper
    166. Mosaik. Believe (Cher)
    167. Frisco vs. Ice MC. Think about the way (radio edit)
    168. Clox. Axel F (Harold Faltermeyer)
    169. Bassebeats & Yulia. Get a way
    170. Culture Beat. Mr. Vain 2004
    171. Spirited Bears. Woodpeckers from space (Videokids)
    172. Party Pimpz feat. MC Killer G. Holday rap
    173. Ice MC. Think About The Way (R&M Project remix)
    174. Foundation Project. Let's groove tonight
    175. Tina Cousins. Wonderful Life (Kenny Hayes Sunshine Funk edit)
    176. Sabrina. I feel love (Good sensation mix)
    177. Biba Binoche. Lete Indien (dance radio mix)
    178. Dancefloor Saints. Ten O'Clock Postman
    179. Secret Service. Flash in the night (remix)
    180. Martinos. La vida loca
    181. Happyymen vs. Gala. Freed from desire
    182. C.C.Catch. Baby I need your love
    183. La Familia. Hands up
    184. Snap!. The power of Bhangra (new version)
    185. DJ Miko. Whazzgoin' on
    186. Boney M. Happy song (Royal Gigilos remix)
    187. Mike Mareen. Dancin' in the dark
    188. Flip Machine vs. MC Hammer. You can't touch this (mana-mana)
    189. Stapps vs. Wham!. Everything she wants
    190. Lorna Bee. Sweet dreams (Eurythmics)
    191. Disco People. You've got your self control
    192. Bad Boys blue. I totally miss you
    193. Ken Lazslo. Hey hey (new version)
    194. C&C. Gonna make you sweat
    195. Dschinghiz Khan. The story (remix)
    196. Purple Beat. Disco inferno
    197. Orient. La rondino
    198. DJ Alvin vs. Boney M. Ma Baker
    199. E-Type. Here I Go Again (disco remix)
    200. Gazebo. Megamix

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