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    Paul Van Dyk: PVD // DVD Global
    Автор: YoungMan_03 | 4 апреля 2009 | Раздел: Музыка | Просмотров: 521
    Paul Van Dyk: PVD // DVD Global

    Artist: Paul Van Dyk
    Title: PVD // DVD Global
    Source: DVD rip
    Format: Avi
    Resolution: 720*480 (4/3)
    Video bitrate: 2923 kbps , 25 fps
    Audio bitrate: 224 kbps, 44 kHz
    Lenght: 76 min
    Size: ~1700 mb

    01. Paul Van Dyk -- We are Alive
    02. Paul Van Dyk -- Seven Ways
    03. Paul Van Dyk -- Forbidden Fruit
    04. Paul Van Dyk -- Beautiful Place
    05. Paul Van Dyk -- Another Way
    06. Paul Van Dyk -- Tell Me Why
    07. Paul Van Dyk -- Step Right on
    08. Paul Van Dyk -- Words
    09. Paul Van Dyk -- Together We Will Conquer
    10. Paul Van Dyk -- A Magical Moment
    11. Paul Van Dyk -- For an Angel
    12. Paul Van Dyk -- Animacion
    13. Paul Van Dyk -- My World

    Global will take you through your collective clubbing memories on the dancefloor, as well as provide a soundtrack for a global audience where electronic music is the common language. A genuine feeling of celebrating life to its fullest. Colorful, dynamic, and rich in texture, Global takes you on a musical journey -- Paul Van Dyk's musical life long journey. „This DVD shows first and foremost the music and how people worldwide react to it. I am a part in the whole process, and I and very happy to be able to be that part.“ The camera focuses on the interplay between the DJ and party-people, these impressions will allow you to see and feel what Paul is inspired by time and again, going out there and back to create his own unique style of music. Visually stunning and captivating, Global provides an interesting view into the world of Paul van Dyk the artist, along his travels across the globe to the cosmopolitan global destination cities of Berlin, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, Mexico City, Tokyo, Bangkok, Seoul, Turweston, and Ibiza.

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    5 апреля 2009 00:02
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    слабоватое качество, оригинальное DVD в студию,..... только здается мне, что это уперто с фрикэнерджи what

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