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    UK Hardcore Album (2009)
    Автор: YoungMan_03 | 5 марта 2009 | Раздел: Музыка | Просмотров: 358
    UK Hardcore Album (2009)

    Исполнитель: VA
    Альбом: UK Hardcore Album 2009
    Дата выпуска: 03-03-2009
    Стиль: Hardcore / Dance
    Количество композиций: 50
    Время звучания: 277 min
    Размер: 378 Mb
    Битрейт: VBR / 44.1kHz/ Joint-Stereo


    01- Flyin And Sparky Featuring Charm - True Love Revolution (recon remix)
    02- Uk Hardcore And Nikki Mak - Sunshine After The Rain
    03- Barthezz - On The Move (stu allan remix)
    04- Sparky ft Alison Wade - Escape From My Dreams
    05- Mark Brown - The Journey Continues (dougal and gamma remix)
    06- Sparky And Sytronik ft Callum - Reach Out
    07- Stu Allan - The Past
    08- Weaver And Andy l - Forever And Ever
    09- Fracus Featuring Fraz - Save Our Love
    10- Bdb Sparky And Donna Grassie - Feel Devotion
    11- Lasgo - Something (barley remix)
    12- Uk Hard ft Nikki Mak - Inside Your Mind (ufo remix)
    13- Joey Riot Featuring Kelly C - The Power Within (sy and unknown remix)
    14- Billy Bunter Clsm ft Lisa Abbott - Best In Me
    15- Fragma - Tocas Miracle 2008 (darren styles remix)
    16- Technikore ft Angel Eyez - Follow The Light
    17- BBE - Seven Days And One Week (joey riot remix)
    18- D Boosh - Ill Find You (joey riot remix)
    19- Scandal And Kaos Featuring Becky - Luvshy (joey riot remix)
    20- Billy Daniel Bunter Clsm And Junior - Cry Your Tears (al storm remix)
    21- Stu And Nee ft Karen Danzig - You Got The Power (billy bunter and sparky remix)
    22- Billy Daniel Bunter And Sparky ft Lisa Abbott - Keep Me More
    23- Jobabe - Heartbroken (dj shimamura remix)
    24- Sms ft Zoe And Hattrix - Love You More
    25- Jobabe - I Kissed A Girl (jakazid remix)
    26- Slipmatt And Clsm Ft Lea Symons - Need You More
    27- Watergate - Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence (heart of asia) (orbit 1 remix)
    28- Billy Bunter And Sparky Ft Lisa Abbott - Make It Better
    29- The Angry Kids vs Bob Marley - Mr Brown (jakazid remix)
    30- Bang The Future Ft Malaya - Real World (breeze and styles remix)
    31- Joey Riot - Feel Complete
    32- Billy Daniel Bunter And Clsm ft Leah Symons - My Desire
    33- Dj Marc Smith And Gammer - Building Shaker
    34- Technikore ft Alison Wade - Feel Alive
    35- Alphabeat - Fascination (orbit1 remix)
    36- Billy Bunter And Jon Doe ft Faye Hendry - Round And Round (sy and unknown remix)
    37- Sy And Unknown Featuring Ben Williams - Dont Wanna Let You Down (joey riot remix)
    38- Weaver And Andy l ft Angel Eyez - Time To Let Go
    39- Himbo And Mc Enemy - Everywhere I Turn (orbit1 remix)
    40- Sparky And Sytronik ft Ali - Wonderland
    41- Hyper Deejays Featuring Jenna C - Dont Stop Movin (jakazid remix)
    42- Uk Hardcore - Sounds Running Through Your Mind (gammer remix)
    43- Frantic And Gammer - Braveheart (joey riot remix)
    44- Connected Featuring Maxc - A Feeling (darwin remix)
    45- Bishop Featuring Marie Louise - Born To Bleed (orbit1 remix)
    46- Al Storm Featuring Katie Jewels - Never Alone
    47- Dj Seduction Featuring Alison Wade - Open Up (chaos remix)
    48- Amen Uk - Passion (sy and unknown remix)
    49- Breeze - Complete Heaven (exclusive hn infinite mix)
    50- Visa - Fly Away (al storm remix)

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