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    Border Defense - National Security Patrol v1.0.11.0 | Cracked
    Автор: YoungMan_03 | 27 сентября 2008 | Раздел: Игры | Просмотров: 639
    Border Defense - National Security Patrol v1.0.11.0 | Cracked

    Симулятор охраны границы государства. Используйте все доступные средства, чтобы не допустить нелегальный въезд или выезд из страны.

    The primary mission of the Border Defense is the detection and apprehension of illegal aliens and smugglers at or near the border. Become a part of this dedicated body of men and women in the comfort of your own home!
    Often, the border is a barely discernible line in uninhabited deserts, canyons, or mountains. Utilize a variety of equipment and methods to accomplish your mission. Use electronic sensors placed at strategic locations, video monitors and night vision scopes to detect illegal entries.
    Hire agents to patrol the border, technical staff to install and maintain equipment, and medical staff to treat the injured. Upgrade the effectiveness of your staff with career based skills training.

    Game features:
    • Manage all your border needs from vehicles, staff, weapons, buildings and more.
    • Hire and control your Border Defense staff. Watch out for any good agents turned bad.
    • Build Checkpoint Gates and man them with agents to seize contraband shipments.
    • Conduct interviews to gain information about smugglers and terrorists planning to cross the border.
    • Maintain surveillance; respond to electronic sensor alarms and sightings whilst interpreting and following tracks.

    Системные требования:
    • Windows 2000/XP/Vista
    • DirectX 9
    • 1.4 GHz
    • 512 MB RAM

    Размер: 132 MB, Cracked

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    Тоже оригинальная игра
    29 сентября 2008 02:31
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