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    Portifolio E-Newsletter Template
    Автор: Yahoo-EU | 18 января 2013 | Раздел: Помощь дизайнерам » Остальное | Просмотров: 35
    Portifolio E-Newsletter Template

    Portifolio E-Newsletter Template
    Portifolio E-Newsletter
    Elegant model e-newsletter so you can use in any occasion, whether a product to promote your business, a portfolio of his work, a service, among many uses.
    Basic Features

    Size of the developed area of the layout – 670?1300 pixels
    10 Color variations (easy to change) and 10 Backgrounds variations (content)
    2 Layouts and 2 Themes variations: light and dark
    Work organized in folders
    Easy editing of text and images
    Named layers for easy identification
    Fully customizable
    Help_Documentation.pdf included with images illustrating the layers
    Accompanies Layered PNG files
    13,1 mb

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