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    ReNamer 5.40
    Автор: Wendox | 27 октября 2008 | Раздел: --- | Просмотров: 560
    ReNamer 5.40

    Утилита для массового переименования файлов по определенным правилам - позволяет изменять префиксы, суффиксы, заменять части слова, удалять скобки, добавлять порядковые номера, удалять символы, изменять расширения файлов и т.д., при чем ReNamer позволяет комбинировать различные действия над файлами. Возможна работа с ID3v1, ID3v2 и EXIF, а также пакетное переименование не только файлов, но и папок.

    What's New ReNamer 5.40:
    * Integrated Windows XP Manifest to allow visual styling;
    * Modified ID3v2 libraries to support reading of the unicode data (experimental);
    * Added reading support for ID3_PartOfSet tag in ID3v2 libraries (experimental);
    * Added "open containing folder" option to the context menu of the files table;
    * Main menu and toolbar shortcuts are no longer available when editing new name;
    * No more error when using empty Replace or Remove rules in wildcards mode;
    * Added/changed a number of shortcuts in the options and files context menu;
    * State column is sorted by file status and then by marked/unmarked state;
    * New Project action will clear files and then rules, escaping auto-preview.
    * Rule descriptions are added to the localizable resource strings;
    * Right-to-left character-wise processing of delimiters if reversed;
    * Status bar panels are resized automatically with the form;
    * Changed ambiguous Ctrl+Z,X,C,V files manipulation shortcuts;
    * Fixed offset when using Insert rule with right-to-left position;
    * Added option to disable confirmation dialog for overwriting files;
    * Auto apply rules option in Analyze dialog works on context menu too;
    * Corrected handling of double clicks and right clicks on rules checkboxes;
    * Fixed mark/unmark all rules option not triggering auto preview;
    * Fixed disappearing modified star after cancelling save preset dialog;
    * Fixed contradiction between Importing feature and Auto Preview option;
    * Fixed some cropped texts when custom system fonts are used;
    * Both ' and ` are handled when capitalizing words;
    * Added line wrap option to the Analyze dialog;
    * Added French translit alphabet;
    * Small user interface improvements

    Размер: 1.30 MB

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